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The REAL unlock...

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The unlock to better engagement is creating the real sense that feedback and input is valued and will lead to impactful changes soon. MOOCs have been notoriously underwhelming when it comes to completion or deep engagement by the "end-users". This notion of poor follow-through has led to a general sense of apathy around the potential upside from non-credit/non-credential learning.

Taking it one step further, if you turn your feedback loop into a true dialogue by soliciting ideas (new direction or improvements to the existing model), there is promising research showing that engagement and completion of online courses goes up by roughly 30%.

Layer in the complexities borne in a paid course with its financial pressures on both the institution (i.e., the course sponsor) and the student, the need to deliver a measurably positive outcome is undeniable.

Don't be afraid of good ideas coming from outside the company...sometimes, the best ones come from your loyal customer base.

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